Thursday, August 27, 2009


The triplets are no longer allowed to have dot markers. Gracie would actually be okay; she is the only one who does not pretend they taste like lollipops.

Johnny is the worst of the marker-eaters. After this incident we changed turquoise diapers for 36 hours. So grody.

My favorite part is the perfect dot on his forehead. Part of me thinks it is courtesy of an older sibling. The concentration is impressive, though.

So gross.

Lizzy does well for several minutes and then the temptation of whatever it is that markers taste like kicks in and then any color is irresistible. The picture is terrible - she had just done a taste-test on the pink dot marker.

Gracie. Well, Gracie just likes to color. She doesn't nosh on crayons or markers anymore unless she does it to tease (puts one in her mouth, smiles, and says "YUCKY!").

This eating-of-the-crayons/markers gig caught me off guard. Ainsley tasted crayons once and never put on in her mouth again. Without prompting, she always put the correct caps back on the markers before she used a new one. Crayons were rarely broken and it was devastating when it happened. Not sure what to do with these guys...

So serious. I've told her a couple times she doesn't have to stay in the lines if she doesn't want and she looked at me as if I was a crazy-person.

We had to get dressed up one one of our recent coloring adventures. Lots and lots of coloring and bonding in Ohio.

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