Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Finally Did It

My new chacos arrived in the mail a couple days ago (got an awesome deal on ebay!) and it is with great sadness that I say goodbye to my old friends. Why did it take me so long to take the plunge? Well, the last straw for me came when I was on my girls' weekend and open flaps on the soles of my sandals kept making me trip whenever I pivoted. I'm lucky I didn't wipe out a couple times.

This is what the soles of these shoes are supposed to look like. Sheesh. I didn't realize it was that bad...

The problem is, I can't bring myself to get rid of the old ones. Someone from my real world is going to have to dispose of them while I'm away. I just request they be handled with dignity.

1 comment:

Clan Goodrich said...

Ha! That is hysterical as i could see myself doing that. Have you seen the show Hoarders yet on A&E?