Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

5 years old.

This was a hard one for me because it seems like you have officially left the toddler/little girl stage of your life and are peeking through the door of the big kids' playhouse. I'm not ready, but you are and have been for some time. Fortunately for me, you still love to snuggle-up when we read books and hold hands when we are just about anywhere outside of the house. You have changed so many ways in the last year and I'm just thankful there are a few of the sweet little things still around that you have always done.

I wonder why I hold on to you so tightly. Why I simultaneously rejoice and have an eensy bit of melancholy with your every accomplishment. I know it is because I am, at my deepest levels, selfish and want you to need me for longer than you will. A classic example: I love to hear you read, and yet I dread the day you won't ask me to read to you. Yes, all the wiser parents out there tell me you will always need me on some level and they are right. They're always right. But let's make this year last a little longer, okay? For while I can barely tolerate you turning 5, I know age 6 will surely do me in. You just aren't allowed to be older than 5...or at least until your dad and I want to retire and then you are free to go to college, etc.

My big girl. Always with the sunglasses on top of your head.

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susie said...

I have to agree, you have a big girl now...........but still the sweetest!