Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The triplets are weirdly attached to the sippy cups they use for milk. They could care less about what color or brand is used for water, although fights have been known to break out if one is more coveted that minute. Milk, though, is apparently supposed to arrive in the same color and style of cup every_single_day. For a long time with Lizzy, she would only drink out of this bad boy:

For a long time, that cup was lost in my house. Lizzy begrudgingly accepted a pink version of the same make and model. When I finally found it under the train table, five days had passed with the precious purple vessel filled 1/2-way with milk. I didn't even bother to open it up and attempt a cleaning, but unfortunately decided to take a picture of the thing before I threw it away. I had obsessed about it and had torn my house apart looking for it and for some ridiculous reason I felt the need to document the object that caused my latest insane behavior. Sweet Lizzy Lou happened to wander into the kitchen at that time, spied it, and started freaking out. Oh man. I threw it in the trash. She went after it. No amount of "yucky", "grody", or "nasty" worked. She was inconsolable:

I finally managed to get the cup out of the house so when she foraged in the garbage for it she would not find the thing. Here's the kicker, though. When the pink one was missing for a few hours I figured I had better try and find some sort of back-up. My brilliant mind thought I could get a purple one because I knew she liked it and so I did. The next morning, Lizzy was given a new purple sippy and she eagerly accepted it, took one sip, and FLIPPED OUT. Why? Because the lid was new and not chewed up and nasty and broken in. That's why. I give up.

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