Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bus Ride Shenanigans

Between another mom in A's class and I, we are able to piece together what really goes on at school. It's amazing what I am not told by my child (I do believe it is unintentional - if you knew Ains, you would get this). One of the reasons why I love to volunteer in her classroom is because it gives me significantly more insight into her daily world.

One area this mom and I have talked about that we have NO clue on is the bus ride. I do trust the bus driver and the aide (Mr. Eric and Mr. Derrick - Ainsley thinks it is HILARIOUS that their names rhyme) because they've known all the kids names from the beginning, they know the parents, it's only kindergartners, and the kids adore them. However, I don't know what goes on during that 20 minutes from the time they leave school until the bus stop. But I did get a glimpse last week...

The afore-mentioned mom's son told her the kids sometimes chant "Eat It! Eat It!" on the bus. Of course she asked why and he either feigned cluelessness or was too vague. This conversation happened after school on the playground and since we were also there, as A was eating her snack I asked her if the kids chant "Eat It! Eat It!" on the bus. Her response? "Why are you asking that question." Totally serious, as if I had discovered a State Secret. Hmm...further investigation obviously required. Eventually is comes out that our children sometimes bring Mr. Eric and Mr. Derrick candy, whereupon a big production is made to get the driver to "eat it" (opening his mouth really wide, pausing for dramatic effect, etc). Okay, I can handle that. The kids need some sense of independence and a coolness factor in their lives. And because I am not cool and am psycho about letting my children out of my sight, I'll happily give on this one.

Candy eating is much more tolerable than what happened when I rode the bus in elementary school. The naughty 5th and 6th graders would sing the latest Queen songs and direct us wee ones on our jobs. Example: it was the kindergartners - 2nd graders' responsibility to keep the rhythm for "We Will Rock You" (I realize I just dated myself) while the big kids sang. You know, the "stomp, stomp, clap" part. Of course we happily obliged.

So thank you, Misters Eric and Derrick for bringing my child some fun and the feeling of independence and grown-upness she otherwise wouldn't get from home. No wonder she thinks she's super-cool for riding the bus and won't allow me to pick her up from school any longer, no matter what.

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