Saturday, October 2, 2010

So Stinkin' Cool

At least that's what her siblings think. I picked up Ainsley from school about 5 times before I changed my mind about making riding-the-bus-home an option. The decision was easier for me to handle emotionally because:
1. only kindergartners are on the bus (so no shenanigans from those hooligan 3rd-graders!)
2. she was shockingly game for it.

Of course I was a total nerd and brought my camera to document my baby's first-ever bus ride. Embarrassing, but not enough to keep me from doing it.

There are two great things about this:
1. Johnny, Lizzy, and Gracie seriously think Ainsley is the coolest sibling in the world because she rides the bus. They can't wait to go get her and they wave like crazy and jump around when it turns the corner. Johnny and Lizzy run right up to her and hug her and generally make her feel like a million bucks.
2. I no longer have to wake the kidlets up from their nap, throw them in the car sans shoes, scramble to find a parking space, jam the shoes I threw in the car after the kids on their feet, throw them out of the car and race to pick A up when her teacher brings the class out of the building (there is no organized carpool line since most of the students are supposed to walk). All of this = less crabbiness in the household = happier mommy.

Side note (and purely for my documentation):

The kids aren't allowed off the bus until the driver and his aide see the parent. After a few weeks, they obviously know me and John well enough that Ainsley does not have to point us out, but she still does and it cracks them up. Every day she stops when she gets to the driver and (very quietly in her Ainsley way) tells them I'm there, and every day they say "I know, Ainsley. Thank you." And then they laugh because the Three are jumping up and down and yelling "Hi Bus! Hi Mr. Bus Driver! Hi! Hi! Hi!".

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