Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I Am Late II. AKA Story Of The Day

I was all fired up yesterday because we had everything together and organized to get Ainsley to school with more than a couple minutes to spare. Lunch was not rushed, hair was brushed, and everyone was cheery until...

...I noticed Johnny was doing the potty dance. Why I asked him the "do you have to go tee-tee?" question (because he had a diaper on so what difference would it have made), I don't know and regret because what happened next is a classic example of why we're always on the run.

Of course he said "yes!" and took off for the bathroom, ridding himself of pants/diaper along the way. Ainsley was being awesome and ran ahead to turn on the light and get the stool ready for Johnny to stand on, I was getting some pants on Lizzy, and then I heard shrieking. Shrieking followed by "MOMMY!!!!!! MOMMY HELP!!!! JOHNNY'S PEEING!". I race over to witness The Boy tee-teeing ON HIS SISTER and, of course, the floor. He was standing in the threshold and sweet A was trapped inside, utterly incapable to escape a few hours' worth of stored-up urine.

Shockingly, she was cool about it. "Well, I've thrown up on you lots. This kind of stuff happens I guess" was her rationale. I didn't want to point out that it's pretty disgusting to have pee running down your legs, soaking your socks.

Not shockingly, Johnny thought it was funny. I absolutely know the event started as an accident, but what brother wouldn't get a kick out of watching his sister dance around while trying to not get sprayed? I am hoping and praying this is an isolated incident. If not, he'll be sent to his dad for a conversation.

Shockingly, we still got Ainsley to school on time. I managed to clean up the small lake of tee-tee, get Ainsley washed up and new socks discovered, and all of us out the door in five minutes. Of course, two of the trips did not have pants on and Ainsley and I were the only ones wearing shoes, but we made it.

I don't think I'll ever be on time or early for anything in the next 18 years.


BKicklighter said...

I think I love you, Kitty L.

Anonymous said...

This one almost made me pee my pants. Peter could hear me laughing all the way up the stairs!

Mary said...

lol Poor A!