Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Sweet Ainsley,

It is shocking to me that you are now six. Part of me loves having you grow up and be older and a greater part of me is in mourning, especially as I look back at pictures of you when you were little. You are simultaneously very silly, very serious, and very smart. You are also kind and empathetic to others and I value that in you more than you know. I need to remember to praise you for that more often because as you hopefully will understand someday, your dad and I would choose an honorable character and wisdom over ACT scores every time (but don't believe for a skinny minute that means slacking off will be accepted :)).

You make my world so much easier sometimes and I pray, pray, pray you don't feel lost in the shuffle in our crazy house. I know it is hard sometimes, especially when you ask so nicely for me to play with you and I can't because I have to do something imperative with your siblings. But this phase will pass and there will be a day when everyone is more independent and I can hopefully say "yes" when you need me. Just hang on a little while longer and remember that I love you, not for the things you do, but because you are mine.

Age 1

Age 6

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