Friday, August 22, 2008

Classic AC (the first kidlet)

AC packing for me

Our oldest is hilarious and quirky, as most people probably believe about their firstborn. She was the product of 6 years of prayer and way too much infertility treatment and she provides a whole lot of entertainment and stories. She also provides a lot of frustration and that is because she is 3 going on 30. Anyhow, there will be occasional posts about something goofy she has done and this is one...mostly to stick in my memory and for those who know her well.

AC decided to pack for me for my trip to Nashville. She likes to pack suitcases, mostly because it's a great way to express her need for organization. She LOVES to organize things and she actually does it well. I let her pack for me (after I got what I really needed in there) because it kept her busy for 45 minutes while I fed the trips lunch. It seemed heavy when I carried it downstairs, but I didn't have time to go through it to take everything out. She would have noticed me doing this anyway and then the world would have ended. It just wasn't worth it.

When I opened up my suitcase that night, I laughed so hard and would have taken a picture right then if I had remembered my camera (curses!!). Each compartment held something different and "necessary": all my brushes, 4 different lotions, q-tips, tampons and pads, notecards, about $1.25 in change, fingernail polish, saline solution, dental floss, one of those mardi-gras-type necklaces from St. Patrick's day, nursing bra pads, an extra shirt, lots of extra underwear, pj's (which I don't wear anyway...that sounds's just that I'm the classic t-shirt/shorts sort of girl), and some winter socks which also did not match. I kept the pile of stuff and took a pic when I returned (minus the couple things most guys don't care to see):

That's my girl. She'll be one of those people you want with you when you travel because she will pack for every possible situation...even if you need nursing bra pads.

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