Friday, August 1, 2008

What's Our Co-pay??

What a random day. EL had her 9 month check-up (we took the trips to separate appointments and it was SO MUCH EASIER!), which turned out fine. I felt so bad; she was so happy to have just mommy time, was all smiles for everyone she saw, and then she gets a couple shots. It's funny how they all react differently to shots: AC was just sad, but is now stoic at age 3, EL is heartbreakingly sad, as if we hurt her feelings, IV sticks his lip out and then screams murder, and MG is MAD and starts kicking at the poor nurse. She's got a temper, that one.

Anyway, I finally get home, say goodbye to my friend-I-can't-do-without who was watching IV and MG, say hello to SuperBabysitter M, who was watching AC, go to the minivan to get $ to pay SuperBabysitter, and when I come in IV has a gash above his left eyebrow. He slipped on something and introduced his head to the corner baseboard. Sigh. Off to the ER (and decided 1/2-way there to turn around and go to the nearby Urgent Care - better choice). IV fell asleep along the way with the bloody side of his head leaning on the carseat. At least it stopped the bleeding. No stitches, just some of those steri-strip thingies and a developing shiner. I have the feeling we're going to be regulars at this place...

IV and the first of many headwounds

Add the fact that it's as hot at all get-out, AC had a couple freak-outs because she's 3 1/2, and it was a glorious, glorious day. There have been worse...

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