Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Glimpse

6:40 - The trips are in babyjail, J gets his dinner (I just finished eating w/AC).
6:41 - I am in babyjail w/all 4 kidlets.
6:42 - MG starts to seriously flip out b/c IV is smashing her fingers in the cd player. Don't ask why it's on the floor and therefore accessible.
6:43 - Still consoling MG, have to call for J b/c IV is now playing w/a lamp cord.
6:43 - EL is fortunately oblivious to the chaos.
6:43 1/4 - IV pukes near the lamp we just removed him from.
6:43 1/2 - AC is starting to get annoyed MG is still being consoled and tells me "I think she wants to get down and crawl around". Right.
6:44 - Start the final diaper change (although never guaranteed to be final).
6:45 - IV is taken away from the fireplace.
6:46 - MG is taken away from the fireplace.
6:47 - AC attempts to build a barricade around something she doesn't want the trips to get. It is promptly taken down because she used OUR barricade for the stairs. Get your own, kid.
6:47 1/2 - Poor AC has to take her precious items and go to a baby-free zone to play. On the way she sweetly brings me the trips' bottles because I'm in babyjail.
6:50 - J and I attempt to wrestle the three bears into their jams
6:51 - EL comes to life and gives J all sorts of attitude.
6:52 - J has to stop dressing EL because IV is climbing over one of the barricades in an attempt to attain freedom and to pull a lamp on top of himself.
6:53 - EL is crawling around w/the legs of her jams trailing behind her.
6:53 - I'm giving MG her bottle
6:53 1/4 - I'm also giving EL her bottle and, in spite of my efforts, MG is kicking her in the head.
6:54 - IV is in hysterics because he does NOT want to put on jams and J has to employ the Figure 8 wrestling move to hold him down.
6:54 -Still giving the girls their respective bottles, but MG is bugging the tar out of EL, who finally gives up and decides to play with toys.
6:56 - IV's jams are on and he's getting his bottle, but if he could give J the finger...he would.
6:58 - A bright moment. MG shockingly gets jams on w/out a peep. J finished getting EL's jams on and gives her the rest of her bottle.
6:59 - I take MG to bed.
7:00 - J and I take EL and IV to bed.

7:01-8:00 - We spend quality time w/AC, who has been pretty patient for the last 20 minutes.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat tomorrow night.

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BKicklighter said...

I only THOUGHT I was tired before reading that. Now I am exhausted. I'll be praying for YOU as my head hits the pillow!