Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Driving And Talking With AC

I always wonder if AC actually listens to the important things I say and, if she does, what does it mean to her? I try to be clear, but who really knows how a 4-year-old interprets my words?

AC constantly talks and asks questions. Sometimes it's frustrating because you know she's doing it just to hear her head rattle, but mostly it makes my little world more interesting. Today, during our 40 minute drive to an utterly useless triplet resale sponsored by our local group, the conversation turned to what she was going to teach the crumbgobblers as she and they get older.

For example:
AC: "How old will the babies be when I'm 6?"
Me: "3"
AC: "What am I going to teach them when they're 3 and I'm 6?"
Me: "You'll teach them how to read, their numbers and how to count, how to ride a bike, how to use scissors..."
AC: "Okay, how old will the babies be when I'm 8?"

This continued on and on until she reached age 10, where she declared she would be old enough to walk to school by herself (everyone in our district walks if you live within one mile). I'm still trying to figure out how she segued into walking to school, but she's four and that means she doesn't need one.

Me: "No, you won't. You'll never walk to school by yourself."
AC: "What?? Why??!! Who will walk to school with me??"
Me: "You'll have your siblings. You will always walk to school together and take care of each other. That's what brothers and sisters do. They watch out for and take care of each other."


More silence. I'm thinking she's annoyed,but...

AC: "Well, then. You'll have to pack some Band-Aids in my backpack because if one of the babies falls I'm going to have to take care of them and cover their cut. You'll have to put in everything I will need - a cold wash cloth, Band-Aids, something to wash their cuts'll have to put it all together..."

She trailed off in her own reverie and I was happy. I should have skipped the ridiculous sale and gone to a park to play and have more 4-year-old conversations. I hope she never stops talking and asking questions.

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