Monday, September 22, 2008

When Does The Grossness End??

We desperately love IV, but he is an infamous spitter-upper. Everyone has a story about how IV spit-up all over them and we're not talking about a teaspoon of stuff you delicately dab off his sweet little chin.

While his condition has steadily improved over the past 2 months, he still can indiscriminately, and without warning, blow chowder on you. These are maxi erps of spew which make a big "splat" sound when they hit our hardwood floors creating a puddle the size of a beach ball. When it hits you, say goodbye to that beautifully ironed shirt or blouse because you will need a change of clothes. There have been many occasions when our fearless helpers have left this house looking like they just finished playing paint ball. That's not what they signed up for!

The funny thing about his condition is that it doesn't bother IV in the least. It's like passing gas for him. He literally has no reaction when he does this. In fact, sometimes we find him sitting on the floor just after he has dropped off his lunch and what do we see? He (or sometime MG or EL) is just sitting there swirling the spew around with his hand like it is finger paint. They especially like to kick their legs back and forth in it and then crawl away, leaving a snail slime trail. The point is, for IV, it is a ho hum event. For us, it is "oh MAN! not again! where's a burp cloth?!?". Poor IV, his reputation is already set and we will never let him live this down.

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