Thursday, September 18, 2008

There is Daylight...

Life is getting somewhat easier now that the crumbgobblers are approaching 1 year (although it still seems like it's been longer than that). The horribleness of the first 4 months and slightly less horribleness of the 5-7th months are still very real and I hope they'll fade away. I doubt it. They're branded on my brain. It was like I was a character in an awful horror story with no end in sight.

I was thinking about how psychotically tired I was those first few months and remembered a funny story that would help describe it: I was in church and it was a communion Sunday. I usually pray before I take the bread and the "wine" (grape juice for us and oh, how I wish we'd get a juice box or something - that teeny little cup just isn't enough). Well, I was so tired that when I closed my eyes to pray before I took the juice, I fell asleep. I was actually dreaming when, all of a sudden I felt this wet stuff running down my leg (No, I didn't urinate. That's gross.). The cup had spilled all down my leg, all over the pew, and onto the floor, startling me awake. I'm pretty sure "oh, s---" (again, with the cursing problem) popped out of my mouth, IN CHURCH, and I totally jumped. Then, of course, I started that silent shoulder laugh/shake that cannot be gotten rid of. Fortunately a friend was nearby and had tissues, so there I was, bending way over, cleaning up my legs and the floor which would now be assuredly sticky for the next service.

Oh well. Again, it's much better now.

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Karen said...

My own crumbgobblers are a year old TOMORROW! I can't even believe how quickly the last year has flown by. My oldest turned five on Tuesday and it astounds me how big he's gotten.