Saturday, September 13, 2008

Super Sleuth

So I was looking at MG's arm tonight because I had noticed a red mark on it. After a second glance, it dawned on me it was a bite mark. What?? The crumbgobblers are biting each other?!?!? WHAT!?!? This totally wierds me out - it's like they're animals or something. Are they cannibals?? Are they going to get kicked out of the nursery at church or preschool because they're eating other children? ugh.

Of course I got too fired up about it and spent too much time figuring out who chomped on MG. I initially blamed IV because he thinks it's HILARIOUS to tackle his sisters, pull their hair, and slobber all over their heads (so gross). He needs a brother and I can't believe that thought dared enter my head.

Anyway, here's the lousy pic of the bite:

And here's the original suspect - notice the shiner on his left cheek from a tumble down the stairs. Very nice.

Anyway, IV was reprieved because the biter had to have: three teeth up top with two on the bottom. I briefly went CSI and considered various positions MG's arm could have been in when the bite was delivered, but the set of two marks are from small teeth (bottom set) and two of the three marks are from big teeth (the top ones). IV only has two teeth upstairs and three down leaving only...

EL???!! My sweet EL?? She seems so incapable of such an act. I know she feels terrible.

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BKicklighter said...

It has been tooo long since I have seen these crumbgobblers (is that what you call them?). All that hair and SOOOOOO adorable.

I will make sure to put KB in another nursery room today, though. Cannibals!