Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Ainsley

Your dad and I know this last year has been tough for a 4-year-old who was used to having us all to herself her first 3 years of life. While I don't believe it has been as difficult as you might, I know how hard it has been for us and therefore for you. Just to let you know, though, it will get better and someday I pray you will love your sisters and brother as much as our hearts do. They will be your friends and confidantes and, like it or not, they will always be there for you during the natural ebb and flow cycles of friends.

One of the things I have enjoyed seeing lately in your siblings is the elements of you that exist in them. Gracie has your quick mind (not that the other two are slow, they just don't demonstrate their abilities as profoundly) and personality. She is already doing tasks independently, such as putting together simple puzzles without being taught, just like you did. Your similarities in these areas are a bit scary for your dad and I because if you two join forces we are done.

Johnny does little things that remind me of you, especially at this age. He has a new behavior where is backs up to you and then plops in your lap. Small, but the first time he did it he brought back wonderful memories of my sweet girl. When he sits with you, he sinks into you with his whole body, just like you. He would be prefer to be held all day, just as you wish you still could.

Lizzy has your expressive eyes. She is the only one who has them and to be cliche', they pierce my soul. She does not look at you, but in you and the feeling is that she is soaking up every little bit. While she does not have your hair color, she has the lay of it and it just adds to the effect of how she is the one who looks most like you.

We love you my little munchie, with all we have and to the point of making our hearts ache. It is a privilege to be allowed to raise you.


Rachael said...

what an absolutely beautiful post!

Clan Goodrich said...

What a lovely letter for Ainsley. It has to be so tough to be the older sibling (especially that first year and a half) but it is apparent that you two are doing a great job with it. I see behaviors and looks in my trio that remind me of our older one and it is amazing. I can't imagine how fun it will be as they get older and I see it more clearly.

Fooz said...

A has all the self confidence to prove you two are doing a fantastic job of juggling the clan! Letters like this will be something she can cherish going forward!

Love you!