Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Facebook Remarks (Abigail - this is partly for you)

I'm assuming a few or more of you have been tagged with the "25 Things Random Things" gig on Facebook. I have been a couple times now and while I kind of like being tagged, I do not kind of like that I can't come up with anything. It's sort of embarrassing, really. I think I have six TOPS and they are things like "I hate manicures". Lame, lame, lame. I'll get around to it someday, I suppose. By then everyone will have forgotten about this latest FB craze and they'll think to themselves "What is this?! Kitty is SO yesterday". It's okay.

As I am writing this, though, (seriously - the thought just struck me) I'm becoming more and more mortified. You see, I declared to more than a few close friends and probably total strangers that FB was "totally ridiculous, yet another sign of how real relationships between people are growing scarce and even more shallow, it is obnoxious, I will never have a FB account, etc". Typical of me. Anyway, I am feeling the shame because:
1. I am casually writing about something happening between my "friends" on FB, as if I never thought there was something sinister about the latest craze.
2. I have bought into it. The whole gig. The "oh, it's such a great way to keep up with your friends! You'll love it!". Hook, line, and sinker. Especially the sinker part.

I wish I was brave enough to give it up. I'm not.


Cindy (and Brian) said...

I am so addicted it hurts my head. It is embarassing how much time I waste and how my task list has suffered. I had a steaming pile of clean laundry in my living room waiting to be folded FOR DAYS and I just couldn't get off the dang FB. See, I'm even abbreviating it like the facebook crazies do. I have become one of them!!!

Karen said...

Seriously, I can't come up with anything for my 25 random things either. I've been tagged about 2 dozen times.

Jim and Chrissy said...

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog :) My older daughter was done with the bottle the day after she turned 1. The triplets were just 14 mos on the 28th and I just don't feel like they are ready to give it up yet (or maybe I'm not ;). They still have 3 a day. They are getting better with sippy cups...I'm not stressing though... our pediatrician has been telling us sippy cups since 6 mos...we're like, whatever :)

abigail said...

Ha! Poetic irony! if it makes you feel any better I flatly refuse to do this most recent fb random things list..it's stupid, mostly b/c i can't think of anything original and therefore interesting because everyone else has listed them already, and I hate being unoriginal. it's vain, i know..