Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have You Seen Jon and Kate Plus 8?

I get this question a few times a week, usually from the total strangers who approach us at the grocery store, Target, etc. I don't mind at all and I actually think it's sort of funny. We were at a New Year's Day party and I think I was asked about the show 3 times. If there is a second question it is usually the invasive one, but that conversation has already appeared on this blog.

We have seen the show and, I must admit, I did not like it at first. Kate got on my nerves. Jon seemed emotionally detached. It was just annoying. There are lots of aspects of it that still drive me a little crazy (the unabashed product placement, for example), but now we watch it occasionally because it is comforting.

Why? There are a couple reasons, first of which is that they just get it. They understand what we went through with creating and carrying these precious babies. They understand the fear, the guilt, the unreasonable levels of anxiety. They understand that it is insanely hard on your marriage (the divorce rate for parents of multiples is over twice the national average) and that there has to be a mutual understanding with your spouse that you simply can't be there for each other for a while. They understand that, especially in the first year, you are forced to be a neurotic as far as scheduling goes or you pay a price...and you don't have a penny in the bank.

The other reason I watch is that they don't try to present the perfect family. Their kids throw the same tantrums mine do. The parents make snotty comments to each other and sometimes you wonder "how can they possibly tolerate that from someone?". Then you remember that you, at the very LEAST, thought that same thing about your spouse 2 hours earlier (oops). I most certainly do not have the All-American family and I really HOPE no one thinks I try to convince people that I do. It's nice to see another mom that is flawed like me.


Clan Goodrich said...

Oh, but THEY do have a penny in their bank (quite a hefty one!) and they are given EVERYTHING and then some. Oh, but I digress. I can't stand how bitchy she is and the fact they go on vacation every time we do turn to it drives us nuts. We get that question all the time too, though.

I guess I will delurk since I have all babies in bed for the moment. I am sending you an "invite" to my blog if you are interested. I have 6 mo old triplets and a 2 year old. I enjoy your posts.

Cindy (and Brian) said...

I am with you. I find some validation when I watch them.
I don't hate them at all, actually. Yes kate is totally bitchy and Jon is emotionally detatched (good way of putting that btw) but they are real people. They need to work on their relationship, their communication and their coping skills. WHO DOESN'T. I think the gosselin haters are just jealous. I think they either forget or don't realize that the gosselins really struggled before the show and that they took the opportunity to not only share their experiences but to improve their life and get some financialy security. I'd do the same thing, KNOWING there would be jealous haters out there.
Its like people loved them until they started being able to do more and then suddenly the backlash.
"We hate it when our friends become successful."
This may warrant a post on my part!