Monday, January 5, 2009


After the triplets take their afternoon nap, the routine is they get to roam free throughout the upstairs (or just in our room) before snack. If they are allowed everywhere, I post sentry at the stairs and they go crazy. It isn't that difficult to keep track of them because:
1. They are so loud
2. One is usually with me
3. The other two sort of follow each other to seek out Trouble.

I had the audacity to attempt a 5 minute phone conversation today and noticed immediately after it was over that it was 1/3 less loud. Gracie was with me and I could see Lizzy's feet heading into the bathroom. With 2 accounted for (Ainsley was at a friend's house), I heard a slight whimpering. I ran into the bathroom to find IV sitting_in_the_toilet. He was upset because a foot had gotten a bit stuck in the drain thingy. Other than that, he was pleased as punch and did not want to get out. That was a feat unto itself: pulling a 24 lb kid out of a toilet, keeping two others from climbing in at the same time, and trying to strip him of his dripping potty-water jeans.

I wish I had a picture and if a camera had been handy I would have left him in there to snap some shots, but I didn't and you'll just have to imagine this beaming face sitting in a toilet:

I have been told that this is what boys do.


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That is hilarious! Little boys...they're such explorers.