Monday, February 23, 2009

A Shout Out

We were very, very fortunate to have so much volunteer help when the crumbgobblers arrived. It's crazy to think how we had at least one person/day come over for an hour or two the first two or three months to help. They held, fed, and bathed the triplets. They played with Ainsley, which was sometimes even more appreciated. They cleaned my kitchen. They made bottles. They let me shower. While I do not miss those months at all and hope the memories go away someday, I do miss the conversations and relationships that were built. There were many times when I would go days without stepping foot outside and this awesome group of women (and a few guys) kept me reasonably sane.

We still have a devoted few who come by every week to hang out. STILL! They are my main interaction with the world and I covet their friendship and love for my family. They have experienced me at my very worst and maybe at my very best They are wonderful examples of what a servant's heart looks like and my hope is that someday I can help someone else as I have been.

A shout-out to our friends has been necessary for quite awhile and I'm not sure why I've put it off. Maybe it's because I'm afraid to miss someone. I wish I had pictures of everyone, but pictures were low on the priority list for those first few weeks of survival. Anywho, I'll do my best and please forgive me if you aren't on the list. In no particular order:

Liz and her son, Colin (college friend and pediatrician who I call about nearly everything)

Christine (neighbor/friend), still comes for "Triplet Tuesday"

Kellie - old high school friend

Annie - old high school friend who has been beyond generous (as has her entire family)

Miss Dianne - still lets us come around every week

Pack and Bean - friends and still going to Costco for us. Love those wipes!

Joan w/IV at the baptism. Friend and neighbor who still rescues us every day.

Fooz! Of course! I dread the day she tires of us...

Uncle Bob. So generous to us and certainly helps keep John sane.

War Eagle Family. What would we do without you??
Philip - still hanging in there and one of Ainsley's buddies. Thank you.

Those I don't have decent pictures of: Rachael and Frenchie, Janet, Pat, Genevieve, The Zells, The Cagles, Graham, Susie, Christie, and lots and lots more. Thank you all. I am a better mother because of you.

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