Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Am So Weak

I was recently sick enough for long enough to decaffeinate myself. Trust me when I say it was not by choice. I just couldn't drink anything except water and an occasional 7-up. That said, I love, love, love my cuppas and soda. I love the smell of coffee grounds and of warm milk. I love the bubbles from fountain drinks. I super-love sweet tea.

I wasn't always this way. 10 years ago when I was going through a neurotic/psycho phase with our infertility, I gave up caffeine and soda of any kind because I read somewhere that it could hinder pregnancy. What a joke. I'm pretty certain my 2 cups of java/day had nothing to do with anovulation. I think I went at least 5 years without caving (except at track meets where coaches get a free lunch and oh, the temptation of real Coke!), and then Ainsley was born and I gave in (came to my senses) and indulged.

When the triplets eventually went on straight-up formula, I started caffeinating again in a big way. Coffee in the morning, soda in the afternoon. It was necessary for my survival.

Anyway, after my recent encounter with the bubonic plague I thought I could hold out and not start up with my addiction again. It is healthier to not drink the stuff (at least loaded w/half-and-half like I do). Soda is terrible for the body. I am weak, though. John makes coffee every morning and it smells lovely. So I had a wee bit yesterday morning. I had even more of a wee bit today.

I am a lost cause. I am not strong. I must_have_coffee.

Maybe I just won't drink soda ever, ever, ever again.


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Rachael said...

i am a bit addicted to coffee. and diet pepsi. and diet coke if there isn't diet pepsi.