Monday, February 9, 2009

Fired Up

I just got back from my favorite grocery store and, while I am not surprised at what happened, it was still maddening.

It was almost a great errand. It is a luxury to shop without the kids and I was able to take my time, stroll the aisles, not forget that one ingredient I would need for dinner tomorrow night, etc.

Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with the baggers at my store. The daytime baggers are these wonderfully sweet retirees who smash my purchases. I'm aware the following is one of my quirky things, but I even organize my groceries into the groups they ought to be bagged in when I unload the cart. Veggies together, canned goods together, boxed items, meat, it's everything but labeled for these kind gentlemen. It doesn't matter. My bread is squished with the canned goods, the meat bagged with the fruit. It is vexing, but forgiven because they are always nice and chatty to the kids, give them stickers, and offer at least twice to help me to the car. One time, one of them even followed me out anyway when I declined his aid (we have a car-loading system and I don't mess with it).

Now, the afternoon/night kids are wonderful baggers (my purchases are never mangled) and horrible workers. Most of the time they wander the parking lot, texting randoms while they search for a lone cart to justify their trip outside. There is one nice boy who works there. He even walks back and puts my groceries on the belt - his parental units must be raising him well. I've never seen him loafing. That aside, tonight I bagged my own groceries (no biggie) because the baggers were busy cart-herding outside. They must have felt it critically necessary, in case the 8 customers in the store would start brawling over the 99 million carts already inside. I paid, got to my car, and the flunkies were still wandering about, gathering (no lie) the 4 carts. I counted.


One of the I-can't-believe-they-were-born-after-I graduated-highschool "courtesy clerks" started to walk in with her one cart when the other said "Hey, wait up just a bit". They then proceeded to do nothing, leaning on their carts, right next to me, while I unloaded a full buggy. What were they doing? They were waiting to take my cart. Did they offer to help? Nope. Were they at least discussing calculus? Nope. Should their parents be thrilled their child has:
1. no work ethic (yes, I realize it is only bagging/cart gathering, but it is still a job)
2. no manners
3. no ability to think about other people?

As I write this I'm realizing I shouldn't be this annoyed. Lawd help my kids, though, if I find out they act like total slackers.


BKicklighter said...

I am impressed you didn't say anything. Did you at least thrust your cart at them with a "don't hurt yourself" smile? That kind of thing drives me NUTS!!!

Rachael said...

that last line is something i say often...and my oldest daughter hates me for being such a hard a*& sometimes, but someday she will thank me. i know it. at least i hope so...

Tracie said...

I was a bagger/cart handler before I was promoted to video at a local grocery store in town - one of the stores we rarely shop at but wish could afford. My parents shopped there, so I knew not to slack - especially since I was in high school driving their car which they liked to take away for groundings. Anyway, our manager was always looking around at what we were doing so he could correct those that were not doing what they were supposed to. Also, if we did something right ad got a comment, we got a reward. Wonder if this is the case at the store you shop at?

Tracie said...

...Oh, but that still doesn't excuse their behavior. :)