Thursday, February 12, 2009

One So Happy, One So Perplexed

So I had 2 kids urinate on my floor yesterday. How did that happen, you ask? Well, I deserved the first one. Johnny loves, Loves, LOVES to be nakie. He knows he is not allowed and as soon as he takes off his pants and diaper, he beats the feet, laughing, away from me. Anyway, it was right before lunch and they were all DYING of hunger, climbing up and hanging onto my pants, sobbing, when he decided to create toxic waste. I can't handle smelling that for 30 minutes, so a change was necessary. While I was occupied, Gracie saw her chance and was digging through the chemicals under the sink (of course I had forgotten to lock the cabinet). I wasn't in the mood for a poison victim, so Johnny was allowed for all of 1 minute to run around with only his diaper. That meant: diaper off, happy boy, happy-laughing-fountain creating boy, peeing all over the kitchen floor. Where the girls were. The girls thought urine looked fun to play with. It was lots of fun trying to clean up liquid and block 2 kiddos from splashing in it (thankfully Johnny took off to avoid clothing).

How did it happen again? After they smeared their lunch in their hair, which most babies do, they needed a bath. This is good, because baths make them happy and give us something fun to do during the long stretch between naps. I like baths. They make me happy, too. Lizzy was stripped, waiting to be put in the tub, when I noticed she was bent over, looking down at her legs, obviously concerned about whatever was happening all over the floor. Nice.

This happens to lots of parents, I know, and it has happened to me throughout the years. Gracie has peed on the carpets a few times (airing out from her frequent diaper rash). It just hadn't happened twice in one day yet. It's all good and lots of other people got to laugh about it. I actually didn't mind.

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