Sunday, May 17, 2009

Early Intervention - Lizzy Update

Wow. A lot has happened since Lizzy's MRI and I realize how delinquent I've been in sharing the results. It's hard to decide which parts of the story to tell, mostly for Lizzy's sake. Her blood tests did come back normal - that was a long 2 weeks of waiting, but a huge relief and I was oddly more emotional about it than I would have predicted. We are just very, very thankful.

Fortunately, we have ended up qualifying for our state's Early Intervention program. How did that happen? Not from the neurologist's "pervasive developmental delay" diagnosis. That would make sense. It was from the "macrocephaly" part. What?!? All we needed to be accepted was get an official "my kid has a big head" report? Hmmm. Ah, well.

All is forgiven because our lead therapist came last Friday and I love her. I love that Lizzy did some of her goofy things so I didn't look like a paranoid mom. I love that she saw them start to go completely psycho and she didn't flinch. I love that the wee ones all adored her and she was on the floor, rolling around with them like John and I do. I really love the fact that she got to witness a couple of Lizzy's attempts to bite a sibling and helped me through managing the situation.

Mostly, it was wonderful to have a non-biased opinion of why Lizzy is "Lizzy" and it is hopeful. She was able to get my little girl to engage and perform and this will happen every week for the next couple years. It is good.

Thank you all for praying for us and our family.


Holly said...

Kitty, I need to check your blog more--I didn't even know all this was going on. I'm glad that the mri was normal and the therapist seems like she will be helpful. It is so hard when something is off w/ our kidlets and we can't just fix it. ((HUGS))--holly

Clan Goodrich said...

Good report -- that nothing was serious and that you are getting some support from a therapist who seems to GET kids. Thanks for the update, I have been thinking about her!

PS Thanks for the comments! :)You guys are my hero -- taking them on a vacation and everything!!!