Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taken Down A Notch...By A 4-Year-Old

We were invited to our neighbor's First Communion party last Saturday. He has always been sweet to Ainsley (his patience during her talking sessions is impressive) and the three, so it was a no-brainer to go - even though we were spent from the trip. Oh. I need to post about vacay. Too...tired...

So John and I figured we shouldn't look as sloppy as our usual weekend attire makes us and were changing our clothes. Ainsley was present and, as I am putting on a skirt, she actually told me not to wear it because it was "ugly". What?? It was patiently explained to me that it was not pretty because it was "brown and I do not like [pronounced "yike" because she can't say L's very well] " the color brown." What???? I thought I looked rather nice in that skirt. I had been impressed with myself for donning something other than a pair of jeans and I must admit my self-esteem took an eensy-weensy blow. To make matters worse, the kid then saw what John had put on, turned to me, and said "That's a nice top Daddy has on. I like it. It looks good.". It was a freaking plaid-ish sort of shirt (it actually is nice, but I'm still annoyed) and he got the compliment. The skirt came off and I actually don't remember what it was replaced with.

All of this from someone who thinks the following "outfit" (she loves that word) matches perfectly because everything has flowers on it: the top, the pants, the socks, the sandals.

She had called this ensemble her "spring outfit because flowers come out in the spring". Of course she then happily pedaled down the street in it, looking as cute as can be.

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BKicklighter said...

The funniest part of that post is that you took off the skirt. Really??