Friday, May 29, 2009

"I Want To Invite All My Girlfriends"

Ainsley is a straight, no chaser, girly-girl. So when I told her there would be a mother's day tea party at church, she got serious. Who to invite? What to wear? What will we eat? Do you think there will be milk? You know I don't like tea. She eventually decided she would invite "all my girlfriends" and, from the picture, you can see that most of her very best friends are over the age of...well..."18". Ahem. Actually, most of the women in the picture have held a significant place in our story over the past few years and my only regret is that too many others were unable to come.

Back Row: Fooz, Mrs. Pookie (oh, how we miss you already for Triplet Tuesdays!), Joan, Carrie (Miss Dianne's daughter, aka Jasmine)
Front Row: Me, Genevieve (and her daughter), Ainsley, Miss Dianne of the War Eagle Family, and my mom.
Missing: golly. Too many and we hope they can sit with us next year.

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