Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

This is late because I was over-thinking the holiday all weekend. I started this post a few times and nothing ever worked. Then, when I had given up and bagged the idea, I realized what it should be. It fits me perfectly because it doesn't have anything to do with the struggle of infertility or how much I used to dread Mother's Day (still don't love it) or how odd it is that we had to create a day to honor our mothers when, if we behave as we ought, our mothers would feel honored most of the time.

It happened one evening when, as is my routine, I checked on Ainsley before I went to sleep. I always take the books out of her bed, find her favorite "guy" (stuffed animal) to place next to her, cover her up if she looks cold, stare in awe at the precious gift I've been given, pray for her, the usual mom-stuff. I would do the same with the triplets, but the door to their room sticks and someone always stirs or wakes up if we open it after lights-out. The night will come soon, though, when they are part of the routine.

As I looked at my child, it struck me that Mother's Day is 100% not about me. It is about my mostly-precious children; the ones I pray over and have hopes for every day. These are just some of the prayers I say for them:

~ for your faith to be in your heart and your head

~ to never doubt how deeply you are loved by your family and, even more so, by God

~ to know you were made perfectly and wonderfully

And lastly, I pray for their hearts to be fierce.

May my children always stand fast.

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this is my most favorite blog so true!