Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fear Not! (Vacation Bible School)

I helped out with our our church's vacation bible school (the program was called "Crocodile Dock") a couple weeks ago and it was surprisingly fun. Little kids aren't my forte (yes, yes, I know I have some - but it's different when they are yours), but here's the deal: when a child is baptized in our church, the congregation promises to help the parents raise their child in the faith. I suppose you could always say "no thanks, I'd rather not", but that would be ridiculous. Anyway, I take this promise seriously, and even when it is my turn to help in the nursery, I show up. Oh I complain about it, but there is cold soda for the volunteers and all sort of fun kid snacks like animal crackers. I'm all about the snacks.

Helping with vbs was one of those things I thought I should do and it was good. I was able to be Ainsley's crew leader, which basically meant I was a glorified line leader, bathroom escort (especially the hand-washing part), band-aid applier...I was a mom. The difference is, I was not really in charge. I got to do the fun mom-things and play and I was able to do them with Ainsley. She doesn't see the fun-mom stuff as often because of three obvious reasons and it was great to be like that again.

The wee ones had to tolerate the nursery every day and sometimes gave the poor volunteers a bit of grief, but everyone survived.

Some pics:

Johnny and his buddy, Mr. Jim. He was pretty much glued to him all week. Not sure what that other kid was squinting about.

Our friend, Bean, with the girls.

My little crew. They were absolutely hilarious and all of 4 and 5 years-old. So precocious. My 2 helpers (the girls in the back) were simply awesome.

Oh - and the "Fear Not!" bit was part of the program. The week was about how we have nothing to be scared of because God has taken care of everything and the kids were always shouting "fear not!". It was sweet, especially Ainsley's little friend, Will, who yelled it so loud and everyone heard him, all the time.

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zellner said...

I love your point about our promises at baptism. I wholeheartedly agree and am so thankful for others who are willing to help with our children too!
So good to catch up on what your family is doing.
blessings to you!