Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Was Actually Pleasant

We were on the road for nearly 11 hours yesterday and only had 15 minutes of freakout. Total. And Lizzy was the only one who did and it was at the very end. I would look back and she would be just staring at me. That kid can give some looks and she was frosted. Regardless, John and I are still in thankful shock and wish we could find out who invented the portable DVD player and take that person out for dinner.

My only tip (and it's hardly original) for traveling with wee ones - designated McDonald's play land socks that can be tossed. I learned my lesson from two years ago when a pair of Ainsley's was forever darkened by the crud that grows on the inside of the tunnels, floors, and walls of that place. That reminds me - I never posted about our return trip from Gulf Shores...

And the only entertaining part of the trip is that sweet Ainsley needed a potty stop 20 minutes away from our destination. This is just what happens with 4-year-olds. For the record, she did like the restroom of the restaurant we ran in. "Mom! This is a VERY nice bathroom! I really like it." Well, good.

We're in the land of Skyline Chili, Graeter's Ice Cream and Heggy's, although I'm pretty sure there isn't a Graeter's anywhere near us. Bummer.


Fooz said...

woohoo! Lizzie was giving me the look as well....with the big old tears running down the cheeks! Glad you are safe and settled!

Clan Goodrich said...

Ha -- I love the comment on the restroom quality. My daughter would say something like that! In Cinci?