Saturday, July 11, 2009

Silly Happy

My new running shoes arrived yesterday and I am beside myself. Very few things make me as happy as new kicks and I am a freak about them. I love the new shoe smell and the shiny white laces and I hate to get them unnecessarily dirty the first couple weeks - going out of my way to run around puddles to avoid the splatter.

Of the 25 years I have been running, I still think about my favorite pairs of shoes: the many Nikes I had in high school, the Sauconys I bought for $25 at an outlet mall and hated to part with, the first and now second pair of Addidas I'm currently attached to.

The biggest reason why my heart rate picks up a bit and I get a silly grin with new shoes is because, just for a little while, they make me feel fast. I haven't been speedy-quick for many years now, but when I'm putting those first few miles on new shoes I feel like I'm flying. My body betrays me eventually, but the memory of earlier years of joy is still there.

My new very best, non-human, friends:

They are so pretty.


Brooke said...

Oh my goodness! I totally know how you feel! I haven't been running for a while now, but I just got new shoes as well, and it brought back many memories. I even felt inspired to go for a run because of that fast feeling in the new shoes! Mine are Adidas as well. They look pretty similar. I also had a pair of Sauconys I hated to give up. And my favorite pair of spikes that I had to say goodbye to. :( Anyway, just wanted to let you know that someone out there understands your love of new running shoes!

fooz said...

just checking to see if one of the trips has done something to them yet...........MISSING you all!