Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saved The Day

Our neighbor's son made me laugh the other day and brought me back to sanity. For a few days, the kids had been utterly ridiculous and there's nothing like 4 crying kids clawing and scratching each other to get in your arms, with nothing capable of making them happy, to start a mom's downward spiral into anxiety. Add to the fact that I backed into a truck while leaving my driveway the day before (just not cool at all) and I was seriously considering job hunting.

I broke during the triplets' dinner Thursday night. There had just been too much crying, too much whining, and too many other fires to put out that day. The dishtowel was thrown down, I stomped up the stairs, slammed the bedroom door (I am not a slammer, so it was probably just shut firmly. But it seemed like I slammed it.), and cried. The crying didn't really help that much. I returned to kids who were still being kids and my mood was still foul until...the neighbor boy saved the day.

I think I was carrying an equally annoyed child to the changing table when I glanced outside and noticed Max (not his real name) running up their driveway. He sort of scurried around a bit and the next thing I knew he had partially dropped trou and was relieving himself on his parents' driveway. He immediately realized that would not to go over well with his dad, who was only 20 feet away, so he about faced and continued urinating on our yard. I called John over because I think these sorts of events are hilarious and it was then that Max looked up and saw us waving and smiling at him. To his credit, he didn't flinch, finished his business and then, grinning, ran inside. Made my day.

Thanks, buddy. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to tell them the story of how someone peeing on our lawn kept The Mommy from having a total breakdown.

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