Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Thirteen years. It doesn't seem as though we've been married that long. The feeling is more like...five or six-ish. Maybe seven? I suppose that's what I get for marrying the only person who I can stand being around every single day. The only person who doesn't bug the fire out of me eventually. The only person I loved enough to entrust my heart to. (yes, yes, "to" is a preposition, but I'm too tired to worry about my grammar right now) Of course there are the hours/days/weeks where we drive each other crazy, but I really don't mind because it is you. If I'm really honest, you're probably the only person who can stand being around me for a significant amount of time. Regardless, Life moves too quickly when it isn't frustrating and I don't want to miss anything that's going on with you. I don't want to get the kids off to college and look at you and have to either reintroduce myself or say "so. Let's pick up where we left off, shall we? It was 2004 and our first kid was just born and how have you been?".

So I'm calling a Date Night. Front porch. Bring beer. Or ice cream. Both are perfect.

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Cindy (and Brian) said...

Ha ha, LOVE IT! happy anniversary!