Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AC's Tattoo Experience

Some friends stopped over a couple nights ago to just hang out. We wish we could spend more time with them, but we don't. We wish we knew them better, but don't. I wish I was as bold and trusting as they are, but I'm not. They're leaving in two months to plant a church in literally-the-other-side-of-the-world New Zealand and I'm in awe that they are willing to leave everything and everyone they know and love (and who love them back) because they have such a fierce love for the Lord.

Anyway, Travis has a bunch of tattoos. I had told AC they were coming over as I was putting her to bed and, of course, the 1oo bajillion questions started up. I'm not sure how we got around to "you know what?? Travis has a bunch of tattoos!" (why, oh why did I tell her that??). That, of course, led to many other questions about tattoos, one of which was "why did he do that?" and since I didn't know the answer I thought she should ask him herself. She was fascinated. She was transfixed. She liked the Phoenix one the best. I was thinking all sorts of extreme thoughts about my idiocy and about now she's going to want a tat (over my dead body) and my mind is racing to Miami Ink, and my sweet little girly-girl is going to turn into Kat and etc. etc.

As I was carrying her upstairs I attempted to assess the damage and asked her: a. did you like Travis's tattoos?? "mmm, some", b. do you think Daddy should get a tattoo?? "no. Daddy should NOT get a tattoo". Whew. I can work with that.

*It must be said that, at times, 25% of me desires to add body art. The thoughts are fleeting and usually occur when I'm having a rough time with something like: the abundance of gray hair I'm developing, being on the downside to 40 (egads!), or something else that causes me to be in an irrational, reactionary mode.

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Travis said...

it's really too bad that AC won't let john get a tattoo. i've thought of several that would be fabulous on him.

also, thanks for the kind words. you know us well enough though to know that you definitely should not be in awe of us.

we wish we could spend more time with you guys as well and lament that we (brooke and i) didn't make a better effort while there was time. we can all make up for lost time in the new earth right.