Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Grody

MG doesn't use a formal pacifier (actually none of them do, in spite of dozens of attempts to shove those things in their mouths). She does, however, have this lovie she sucks on when she's sleeping. I don't know why and it's pretty gross. I usually don't let her have it out of her bed, but I needed to document this habit and she was THRILLED to have her bunny outside of nap/bedtime. My normally oh-so-cute daughter with the big blue eyes and dimples had this thing in her mouth until I managed to tear it away from her.

She actually has three of these, which I rotate in whenever one needs cleaning (every couple days). They are so nasty and I hope she doesn't contract some random freaky disease, even though they are washed so frequently.

2 Pics: 1 is how she usually has it and the second one demonstrates how brown the paws are. It's sickening.

Just had to share and if anyone you know has a trip to Canada sometime in the future, contact me immediately. I will pay handsomely for someone to go to Babies-R-Us up in the Frozen North to pick a couple extra of these freaking bunnies because OF COURSE THEY ARE ONLY SOLD UP THERE. for crying out loud

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Mary said...

I could probably facilitate a trade between you and a friend in Canada. let me know :-) I need your adress for the dress up clothes!