Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're Grown-Ups

We've had a gravel driveway for 10 years and are finally pouring concrete. Hooray! The kids are fascinated with the Bobcat and the guys working on it, which means I'm happy because they stand in front of the windows for 10-15 minutes, staring.

Actually, the only reason I care is because I want a place for the kidlets to play all sorts of games: pickleball, 4-square, badminton, outdoor scooters (the kind you sit on), hockey...P.E. joy!!! I told John all I'm asking for Christmas the next few years is P.E. equipment. Another bonus is that the crumbgobblers won't be eating rocks anymore.

I'm so fired up.

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Anonymous said...

woohoo! Sidewalk chalk again!