Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Cliche', But Necessary

I was up too late last night again, guestimating the damage:

Approximately 5,475 diapers (hello, Mr. Landfill and apologies to my great-grandchildren)
*this includes the 9 days when we tried cloth diapers, which pushed me close to the edge*

~31,500 oz of formula/pumped milk (or 246 gallons)

1,095 loads of laundry

547 loads of dishes

Read: 2 books (this is reprehensible)

Living in a house of chaos with a great husband and 4 crazy, healthy kids...priceless.


rachael said...

gotta love those numbers :)

abigail said...

Holy crap (in every way imaginable!).

susie said...

hey are the best and A needs to be where she is......she is my best buddy...Johnny #2........but I do love the boys! Keep on keeping on, uphill from here!