Saturday, October 4, 2008


I had all of one person ask what Babyjail was, so here goes. In order for me to sort of have an idea of where the crumbgobblers are, we've created two zones on the first floor of our house. Zone 1 is our front room and there are two access points: a wide entry to the dining room and a second, narrower one with two steps that lead to a landing. It is perfect to play on and fall off of onto the hardwood on the other side. With AC, this wasn't that big of a deal because we taught her in an hour or so how to not go down the steps face-first and bust-up her melon. Additionally, I was with her all the time. This is obviously not possible with the three wee ones and I'm not in the mood right now to deal with them falling down on top of each other in a tangled mess of appendages, vertebrae, and noggins. They do that enough at ground level.

Anyway, we HAD two gates set up: one massive one across the wider entry and a normal one across the stairs. The stairs one was ripped off the walls by the wee ones so we have resorted to a tall barricade of whatever is on hand. They haven't climbed over it yet, but they try to wedge themselves in-between which always results in a head getting stuck and requiring extrication.

View from outside Babyjail. Usually the three youngest are all standing there, shaking the thing and crying. Today AC and John are there for moral support.

Barricade to the Stairs (from inside Baby Jail). Classy.


BKicklighter said...

YOU guys are an inspiration. . .at least cool. *smile*
Thanks for the photo of baby jail. That gate is GREAT!

Mary said...

Nice containment plan :-) But I can see them scaling the narrow blockade soon.....

good luck!