Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Breaking My Heart

AC attends preschool 2 days/week. It isn't the most fabulous program, but it is affordable, the teachers are sweet (albeit unimaginative), and it's less than 1 mile from our house. Ideal, right? Negatory. For the last 3 weeks she has been sobbing and begging to stay home.

AC: "I want to stay home with you." Sobbing.
Me: "I'm sure you do, but school is fun and your best friend goes there and"
AC: "School is boring. I don't have fun. I want to stay here with you and the babies." More sobbing. The fact that they drive her crazy must have been momentarily forgotten.

Now, what she said is probably true. Outside of music and a couple projects we've done, the curriculum is dull for her. She knows her colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I don't feel she's exceptional in this regard, but the main reason I have her in preschool is for social stuff. AC would prefer to hang out with one or two friends. The class ratio of boys to girls is 8:4. The boys have a wonderful time. The girls do not. Every time we walk in it's...well, it's stereotypically boyish: loud, lots of racing around, blah, blah, blah.

Today she just stood there, tears welling in her eyes, looking at me and saying "mommy".

Breaking my heart.


rachael said...

awww, she's breaking my heart too. i am so sorry she isn't a big fan of preschool, what a bummer :( have you said anything to the teachers?

kitty said...

I did have a conversation with one of the teachers when I picked her up and hopefully we can work this out. You just hate to see your kid sad... said...

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