Thursday, April 23, 2009

Attempting Vacay

Apprehension. We leave tomorrow for the sand and the sun and are not looking forward to the drive. The last time we travelled this far we had tears/screaming/sobbing about 9 of the 11-ish hours. Granted, the 3 were only 9 months at the time and still in rear-facing seats, but it was awful. So awful that Ainsley would then flip out and when she loses it - the world ends. This was understandable since John and I occasionally longed for prescription meds to make us silly-happy and carefree - can't imagine how it was for a 3-year old to tolerate that business. Still, her hysterics did not help.

The hope is that once we get there everything will be fabulous and frantic in a good way. You can count on me letting you know. :)

Happy Thursday!

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Rachael said...

i hope you have a safe trip + everything goes smoothly! have fun!