Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Battle I Don't Fight...

Sometimes Ainsley likes to pick out here clothes. I quit caring a long, long time ago about what she put on, be it a princess dress (this one is her favorite), or what-not. She has a couple rules about what "works":
1. If wearing one color, head-to-toe, it matches, regardless of the shade. The first day of school she managed 4 different kinds of pink.
2. The same sort of patterns match (all stripes go together). Always looks nice.

I have 2 rules:
1. She puts it on herself, unless she needs me to zip or button the back.
2. It has to be weather appropriate.

"Weather appropriate" explains yesterday's ensemble.

Missing are the white sparkly ballet flats and the pale pink coat with flowers on it when we left for Target. Lots and lots of stares (I don't care) and a couple comments from ladies who told her how pretty she looked. Ainsley always smiled, blushed, and said "thank you". She was quite pleased with herself and you know what? If that's what it takes for a little girl to think she's pretty, so be it. There will unfortunately be plenty of years ahead when she has doubts.

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