Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slowly Coming Around

Ainsley has been less than loving this past year with her siblings. I always hear from friends or read on lots of triplet blogs about how much their older children LOVE LOVE LOVE their wee ones. Not so at Taigh Laird. She has too much of my personality to fall head-over-heels with younger brothers and sisters (sorry, Trish - I love you now!). With that in mind, you can imagine how thrilled she was when the crumbgobblers took over our lives. We did a great job making sure she had plenty of one-on-one with us, but her tolerance for that first year of insanity was a goose egg.

The more they interact and are able to play, though, the more she can handle and it was evident this morning. Ainsley likes to play hide-and-seek and wanted to, and I hesitated. Lizzy was not being cooperative and it was 10 minutes before morning nap. I smelled meltdowns. I was beyond surprised when it was wonderful. Gracie and Lizzy thought the game was awesome and, while Johnny lost interest immediately, he was very content playing with his big sister's dollhouse (ugh). Gracie loved yelling the names of whoever was hiding, and Lizzy was fired up to hold hands and seek. The best part? Ainsley was AMAZING with them. She held Lizzy's hand to find me. She helped Gracie yell and seek. She was patient. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and knew that, this time at least, it wasn't another train headed straight for me (quote from somewhere...).

There is hope. :)


BKicklighter said...

asmatic pansy, eh?
Just teasing - at Children's church Sunday your Ainsley talked about those triplets non-stop. NOn- stop being relative, of course.

Clan Goodrich said...

Our daughter is like Ainsley. Definitely not so into having three babies around...yet, if she is away from them, she asks about them, introduces them to people and generally seems to like them. However, when she is with would rarely know that she likes them. She ignores them most of the time and spends the rest of the time vying for attention (which I think she probably gets TOO much!!!) Tolerate would be a better word. Glad to hear when they can play it might get better!