Friday, April 10, 2009

Bedtime Routines, Or Lack Thereof

I was the straight-up, classic, first-time mom with Ainsley's bedtime routine. The bath, the lower lights, a couple books, no rushing or stimulation, etc. The night-time bath disappeared due to life issues (read: triplets). She still gets a good 1/2-hour out of us, though, what with 3 stories, a song, prayers, and minor chit-chat "Mom, how do pigs give us bacon?" - that one was tonight. While the routine is sometimes frustrating because it is way too long, I am the one who created this monster and have no one to blame but myself. I was the one who listened/read all the "what to expect the first year" stuff or spent too much time perusing the Baby Center website. I was and still am the stereotype, at least with the first-born.*

I was all prepared to give the triplets the same, relaxing routine Ainsley had/has. It did not happen. I was too tired. John was too tired. So what is the wee ones' routine? We are all downstairs with every light on. They are given the opportunity to finish whatever milk is left over in their cups. Diapers are changed, jams put on, they are carried upstairs, given a kiss and a cuddle and put to bed. Gracie does get one book because she sleeps in a different room, but the other two are grade-A gypped out of anything. Sorry, kiddos.

And what is the surprise with all this? They go to sleep more quickly than Ainsley did at this age. I should write a book about this so we can pay for their college tuition. Well, there isn't enough to fill a book. A pamphlet, maybe. I wonder what I could charge for that...

*I do enjoy the time I have with Ainsley every night and know I will miss it someday. I just wish I had been a little less neurotic.


BKicklighter said...

Come up with six points that have just enough difference in them that people don't mind the obvious redundancy. Include funny stories from your kids lives. Have the book printed that little square "Prayer of Jabez" size and you can get $8.99 to $11.99 a pop. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

What a great pair you & John are. A better set of parents there aren't. Like you said, someday you will look back at all of the fun times and not remember all the hard work it was.
Take all the time you can with each of the kids. They appreciate even the little kisses and hugs.
God Bless
Mom & Dad

Lani said...

"How do pigs give us bacon?"!!! oh my, that made me laugh. I can't wait to get these questions!

Clan Goodrich said...

I am sorry. You can not publish this as you OBVIOUSLY stole this post from my head! LOL

Honestly, it is funny how I will be contemplating writing a post (which is few and far between lately) and read your blog...and there it is! So glad you post more than I do!