Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sorry Kid. It's Not Cancun.

Ainsley's preschool was recently on Spring Break. This was her first experience with the loveliness that the week-long vacation holds. She had no idea what it meant (like when she first discovered Santa and thought she should be excited, but wasn't sure why), but the world-wise kids at her school told her this, which she relayed to me:


Thank you, other 4-year-olds, who filled her impressionable mind with images of the beach/skiing/or other amazing adventures. Thank you. Thank you.

So, promises were made along the lines of "Yeah! It's going to be so awesome!" when I hadn't really thought beyond "Oh man. No school that week = not good for household tranquility."

So the best I pulled out was:
1. A "Stop And Smell The Flowers" quest (going on a walk around the neighborhood to smell everyone's flowers) with a breather at our corner market to buy chocolate milk, chips, and swedish fish. I'm still amazed she didn't throw up.
2. The zoo (which actually was fun).

Most of the reason the zoo was fun was because SuperBabysitter went with us. I can't tell you how thankful I was that her break coincided with Ainsley's - I haven't attempted the zoo with all 4 by myself yet. That's going to take some moxie on my part.

Obligatory pics:

SuperBabysitter and Crew

Lizzy Lou

Gracie + Newest BFF

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