Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Really Needs A Swimmin' Pool?

...when you've got toilets to splash around in? Johnny has climbed into the toilet before. He and Lizzy are fascinated by it; I even discovered a full roll of toilet paper in one the other day. Well, after he climbed in a couple months ago, we have tried to be super-diligent on keeping the bathroom doors closed. Of course we make mistakes sometimes, which resulted in another dip by IV.

Evidence of my happy boy:

As gross as this is, my home toilet can't be nearly as disgusting as the average kiddy-pool. Right? I'll keep saying this to myself.

Oh - and Rachael, I understand if you don't want the outfit back. It has been thoroughly washed, though. So sorry.

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Sarah said...

Okay, WILLIAM (who wants me to write his name so he can see it here) thinks that's hilarious and is cracking up next to me. :)

Cake balls (forgot to post the link in my post):

Ours, ahem, didn't look QUITE so beautiful but we did the little cupcake bites. YUMMY but almost too sweet...