Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

1. Sorry some of the kids were sick.
2. Sorry lunch/dinner wasn't fabulous (but breakfast was okay, right?)
3. Sorry your gift didn't arrive (not sure when it will).
4. Sorry we didn't get to go out two nights ago for your surprise (see #1).
5. Sorry it was a wee bit more psycho than usual in the 4:30-7:00 hour.


1. Wasn't it fun to go to the Farmer's Market and play hide-n-seek w/AC in the Christmas Tree "Forest"?
2. Wasn't it fun to see AC get 100% fired up about your cake? And giving you balloons? And making sure you sat in the correct chair with your balloons?
3. Wasn't it fun to watch the Big Three taunt each other with my cell phone?
4. Wasn't it fun to follow AC's 4-year-old logic about the Christmas elf?
5. Wasn't it fun to have a day full of the chaos of our big, crazy family?

It was a good day.

I love you, birthday boy!

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