Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Logistics

How are we going to keep the crumbgobblers out of the Christmas tree???

Daily Scenario (in my head):
1. Lizzy will try to eat it because she eats everything.
2. IV will attack it and try to climb it because that is what he does.
3. Gracie will stand there in wonderment then take every ornament off and run (crawl) away with it clutched in her chubby little hands.
4. Ainsley will tattle all_day_long.

Suggestions, helpful or otherwise, are welcome.


javajeb said...

Put the Christmas tree in a playpen. Seriously, we haven't done it, but are about to with the 2 yo #4 this year. It's only plastic and other indestructible ornaments this year.

abigail said...

I got nothin'.

Tracie said...

We have the same problem...just not as many hands as you do. :)

We put our tree downstairs this year, where we do not play as often. Sammy tries to pull off each stem (is that what they're called?) of the tree, eat each ornament and knock the tree over. He is just really excited and doesn't quite comprehend that this isn't what we do to a Christmas tree.