Monday, November 10, 2008

Mondays Are Stinky...

...on so many levels. Mondays are NEVER good and if I could pay to have a nanny I think I'd only need her that day of the week. It's stereotypical "mom"- something that drives me a little crazy.

These are the reasons today was Grade-A Stinkarific:

1. 11 nasty diapers were changed today. Sick. I feel so sorry for our trashguys.
2. IV had to change his clothes 2x b/c of spit-up. I had to change once - top and bottom. Before I could, though, I had to put all 3 to bed and it's nasty to walk around with your cold, wet clothes sticking to you.
3. All 3 of the wee ones spit up a few times today on themselves (and me). I know it was planned.
3. I'm pretty sure AC sat in her bed most of the morning until she figured out how to be pleasant (and we had friends over - what little amount of pride I had is gone).
4. MG decided to be clingy today and flipped out if I wasn't in view. (baby freak-out = big sister freak-out...big sister freak-out = IV freak-out...etc. etc.)
5. Nearly bedtime, kidlets decide they need their bottles RIGHT NOW, and AC starts doing the tee-tee dance and races into the bathroom, Of COURSE she needs help. I comply to keep someone in the family happy, all the time trying to keep EL from licking everything in the bathroom. I slam my finger in the door on the way out.
6. Sprinkled here and there are several of these delicious moments: stepping in spit-up, stepping in carrots and green beans missed during meal clean-up, IV following me around clinging to my legs and I can't peel him off b/c I'm holding MG, the crumbgobblers SERIOUSLY FIGHTING over books (not sure how to handle this one - it's like keeping 3 monkeys away from 1 banana), blah, blah, blah.

There's much more, but it's tucked in my denial file. No worries. It will all come spilling out in the therapy I imagine I'll need in a few years.

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