Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Humbled

John and I bond over a couple of our/my t.v. shows most evenings while we're waiting for the dishwasher to finish (so tomorrow's bottles can be made). We were watching House Hunters last night and I was struck by how fortunate I am with what God has given us. You see, this couple had triplets and were needing more space than their current 1,100 square feet. They didn't even have room for a dining room table because there was NO dining room. Their kitchen was so small they didn't have a dishwasher, which is psycho. At one point in the crumbgobblers early months, we were making 27 bottles/day. Can you imagine washing 27 bottles by hand? Every freaking day? Plus your regular stuff?? Good Golly.

Anyway, they were looking for new houses and the one they bought was a whopping 1,800 square foot tri-level (= no storage space/basement). The 3 bedrooms are lilliputian. There is no way > 2 people could fit in the bathrooms. But there was a dishwasher in the tiny kitchen. And one would have thought they had bought a mansion.

I am such a jerk. Now, don't misunderstand that I think my house is too small. It was, but isn't after we put on the addition. With three bedrooms, though, we often voice how great it would be if we had 4 because the three girls will be sharing through those already-turbulent teen years. It's more that I take what we do have for granted.

There's nothing like a big piece of humble pie to satisfy one's hunger.

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