Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Year Update

I'm nearly one month late on this, but still feel the documentation is necessary. Oh, and please ignore the snotty noses in the pics.

Unless you are hungry or see your Dad or Fooz, you are our smiley boy. Heaven forbid, though, if John or the Fabulous Fooz hold someone else because Jealousy is not cute. You are freakishly strong and flexible, requiring me to hold you down with crazy wrestling moves while changing your diaper or dressing you. You are the best at going boneless and turning into spaghetti when you're being carried off to an undesirable location. We're getting tired of the spitting-up and can't wait until we can let you on the furniture. I love your big, brown eyes and your bigger smile. You wish you could be held 24/7. You don't know a stranger. Sometimes when you're quiet I can tell what sort of person you'll be when you grow up and I know you will be kind.

Here are the things you find hilarious:
  • the word "No"
  • climbing into baskets of clean laundry (then spitting up in it - ewww)
  • dropping food (peas, specifically) off the side of your booster chair)
  • pulling your sisters' hair
  • tackling your sisters and laying on top of them
  • your Dad
  • escaping through an accidentally-left-open gate
  • crawling around nekkid (as all boys do)
  • playing in your spit-up (again - ewww)
  • books
Here are things you do NOT find hilarious:
  • perceived hunger
  • real hunger
  • when your bottle is finished
  • when your Dad or Fooz go away (Lawd help those of us left with you!)
  • when Gracie steals your toys.

Lil' Lou-Lou (EL):
Even though you still like to bite, you're our sweetie. I worry about you sometimes because you are always way behind on your gross motor skills, but you spank the others with your fine motors. I need to let it go. You're an observer and, unless something is really wrong (hurt, hungry), you are content playing by yourself. You laugh easily and appreciate any attention you can get (because the other two tend to require more). You are mellow like jello and I am so thankful for that because I need it. You were the first to clap, play peek-a-boo, eat finger foods, and figure out a sippy cup. I love to hold you because you appreciate it so much and snuggle up.

What you love:
  • books
  • putting everything in your mouth - you even like to eat sand
  • playing with AC's baby-dolls (when she isn't around, shh...)
  • being tossed in the air
  • being spun around
  • hanging upside down (you are our surprise dare-devil)
  • swimming, bath-time, anything with water
  • talking to your brother when you guys wake up from naps
  • hurling yourself into a pile of pillows and comforters
  • going for walks (you clap and squeal most of the time)
What you do NOT love:
  • when MG and IV steal your toys and they always do
  • being given food you don't like - you really flip out
  • having your bow ripped out of your hair by your siblings (which is why you don't wear one often)
  • sharing my lap with a sibling (you push them off)
  • people you do not know

Oh, MG. You crack us up all the time, even when you are being 100% naughty. I wish I could capture your facial expressions because they are indescribable. You give the appearance of independence and boldness because of your huge personality, but you're really a mama's girl and aren't very brave. You already exhibit dramatic tendencies with your crocodile tears and temper tantrums. It only takes one or two tries for you to figure something out and your sharp mind will rival your older sister's. You two will be either the very best of friends or absolutely not because you are so much alike. You are exponential in every way and we love you for it.

What you enjoy:
  • stealing your siblings' toys
  • performing
  • chasing down your brother
  • doing whatever your brother is doing
  • books
  • exploring
  • sleeping in a pack-n-play
  • your lovie
What you do NOT enjoy:
  • getting dressed
  • being told "no" (oh, how you "cry")
  • when, heaven forbid, someone actually takes YOUR toy (D_R_A_M_A)
  • when I leave the room and you notice
  • having to wait for your food
  • the vacuum cleaner
  • some people, randomly chosen
  • this list could go forever because you can be just so ridiculous, little munchie!
It's been a crazy, mixed-up year, my little crumbgobblers. On nights like tonight, when John and AC are out and you three are grade-A wigging, I think I just may lose my mind. But then, when I've calmed you down and I have all three of you snuggled in my lap, it's heaven.

When people ask me "Who gave you all those kids??", I always answer "God" and keep walking because He did. I still don't know why I've been given the opportunity to love you and take care of you, but I'm excited to find out. It's hard because sometimes I want you to stay my little wee ones and let me carry you around forever and ever, but I also can't wait to see what you're like when you grow up. I think those are normal thoughts for moms, though.

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet babies. Your dad and I desperately love you.


rachael said...

happy (belated) 1st birthday!

this was such a sweet post, i loved reading all about the little ones personalities! they are so adorable!

susie said...

this is such a perfect pic of all three..........each one different and watching the personalities bloom has been a blessing to many!

Love to all.......