Monday, November 10, 2008

On A Bright Note

After the complaining in my previous post (it was just a bad day - most aren't like that), I feel I should share a couple of the bright moments:

1. I had all 4 at the grocery, which honestly isn't that bad. They like to go. Anyway, IV and MG are sitting together in the cart, facing me, cuddling. I wish I had a camera, b/c he had his arm around her and she just leaned in on him most of the time. It was insanely cute until he decided he wanted to eat her head, but for 5 minutes I had visions of them when they're older, just hanging out together.

2. After one of the most horrific mornings in recent history for AC, she was a dream the rest of the day and shockingly loving towards the trips. She built a fort for them (which EL tried to eat, of course) and had all sorts of toys, books, and pillows in there. They loved it and destroyed it and she didn't care. It gives me hope.

Those moments get me through the day and remind me of how thankful I should be to have such a big, healthy family.

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